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Summertime Shark Tours!

Get out of your comfort zone & embrace the thrill of our Summertime Shark Tours! Its an experience even most local San Diegans haven't lived...  
​$35 per person

​Tour Package includes all necessary gear. Wetsuit rentals are available, but are not included. 

Lobster/Bug Huntin' &
Spearfishing Tours!

If you are into sustainable living & are searching for a deeper connection to what you eat, come join us on a Lobster Dive or Spearfishing Tour  & experience the beauty of underwater hunting & catching what you eat... A true Ocean 2 Table Experience.
$45 per person

 Tour Package includes Mask, Snorkel & Fins only. Speargun/Polespear, Weightbelts, Dive Knives, Wetsuits are all available to rent. CA Resident/Non Resident Fishing License must be valid as well.
(Please contact us anytime with any questions)

​Sea Lion &Sea Cave Snorkeling Tours!

Come out & snorkel with San Diego's #1 must see wildlife attraction! On this adventure  you will come up close & personal with Sea Lions, Harbor seals, CA Spiny Lobsters, our state fish the Garibaldi, Calico Bass & a wealth of other Marine Life Species... The icing on the cake of this tour is the historical, breathtaking LA Jolla Cove Caves that your seasoned guide will immerse  you in!
$35 per person

 Tour Package includes all necessary gear. Wetsuit rentals, Weight Belts, GoPro Tour Upgrades are available to add on! 
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